Link | Hemp shielding Ellora Caves from Decay

Every once in a while, when we visit ancient or medieval monuments, we cannot help but wonder, how these structures have withstood the test of time and climate, while recent structures crumble with unfailing consistency.

Here, a discovery of the mortar mix, found in Ellora:

Cannabis sativa, popularly known as ganja or bhang, was found mixed in the clay and lime plaster at Ellora. This was confirmed by technologies such as scanning of the electron microscope, Fourier transform, infra-red spectroscopy and stereo-microscopic studies. Hemp samples were collected from areas in Jalna district near Aurangabad and also from the outskirts of Delhi. These specimens were matched with the samples found in cave number 12 of Ellora.

Source: Hemp shielding Ellora caves from decay for 1,500 years: Study – Times of India

HT: @achyutha on Twitter


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