Atul Sabnis, Chief Instigator

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Atul Sabnis

For a long time, curiosity has got the better of Atul. Most of this curiosity was self-generated, quite a bit came from the younger people around him. Over time, to satiate this curiosity, he sought the refuge of books that weren’t sweeping statements of history and to go and actually see places and not just reading about them. Needless to say, soon the lines of history, mythology, art, and culture were blurred, and he started answering questions, even if people didn’t ask them. Which, possibly got on people’s nerves. But then, he had to tell. He remembered, he has been blogging for a dozen years now, so he took to writing what he discovered.

In his day job, he juggles instructional design, ed-tech, teacher education, and product design, which interestingly enough, helps cross-pollinate wonderful ideas.

Samir Pathak, Resident Annoyer

Samir Pathak

Samir is an information junkie with an annoying level of interest in history. His academic background is in Statistics, Operations Research and some more things to do with numbers. He spent several years in US and Canada doing something with numbers. Inspired by the movie Swades he returned to change a lightbulb in Mumbai, a task he finished in about 15 minutes. Since then he wanders around ruins and forts, and continues to do something involving numbers at work. He has accumulated an impressive stack of history books, and has a strong preference for original sources.

He finds it easier to talk about things than writing, but can definitely write things when poked long enough with sharp, pointy objects.

Abhyudaya Kelkar, Resident Expert

Abhyudaya Kelkar
Abhyudaya Kelkar

Since his childhood days, Abhyudaya was passionate about wildlife, singing, painting, playing sitar, harmonium, map-reading, town planning, reading history and many other things in the century when he had no access to the Internet and negligible scope for social sciences as career. Meanwhile, he managed to get graduated in Commerce, clear the first group of CA Final as well as the Company Secretary and the Cost Works Accountant courses. In 2016, he suddenly decided to quit everything and start living for whatever he loves to do. In that series of interests, history comes first. So he decided to create a YouTube channel by the name ‘History Guru’. Then he started teaching at Unacademy.

Ruta Waghmare, Undercover Gitana

Ruta Waghmare
Ruta Waghmare

Ruta calls herself (perhaps, because she is) an undercover gitana with a wanderlust, a bibliophile & is native to museums. She fell in love with History in school and went on to study Archaeology and Heritage Management. Her family jokes that she can be found in other museums on the days that she doesn’t work at her regular museum. Current interests include documenting intangible histories and traditions, and writing about her travels in India & Italy.



Rajendra Chandrakant Rai

Rajendra Chandrakant Rai
Rajendra Chandrakant Rai

Shree Rajendra Chandrakant Rai is a Masters in Hindi Literature and a B. Ed, from Rani Durgavati Vishwavidyalay, Jabalpur. Shree Rai is a writer and has contributed in many publications in Hindi. He has published many books including Kaamkandala, a novel, and Begum Bin Badshah and Ghulamon Ka Gantantra – a compilation of short stories. He is also a prolific writer of short stories and poems for children.

He is an authority on the Thuggee community & history, and has translated two of Henry Sleeman’s books as well as “Confessions of a Thug” by Philip Meadows. He has been featured as an expert on this theme, in the television serial “Lootere” on Epic Channel.

Shree Rai is our advisor for the Bhushan Project.


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